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There is more than one reality

Don’t be surprised if things start to get twisty. Because my career path has been anything but straightforward.

I started as a secondary school teacher. I taught mainly languages (German, English, French and Latin) but also history and geography. At that time, the subject “computer science” had just been introduced and no one really dared to take it on. Despite my linguistic-historical background, the adventure appealed to me and so I somehow slipped into it.

Although I enjoyed teaching a lot, after a few years it became clear to me that I was looking for a new professional challenge, so I started looking for a second degree at the interface of information and technology. I found it in the form of a part-time international master’s degree in “New Media Journalism”. At the same time, I switched to the media business and became a journalist at Südostschweiz Medien (now Somedia).

After completing my master’s degree, I wanted to gain more in-depth online experience – ideally at a company where the internet is the central pillar of the business model. So I joined Scout24 as a project and content manager and was responsible for corporate communications for the ImmoScout24 real estate platform.

I’m attracted by the interplay of technology and content

I had written my master’s thesis on augmented reality, and during the many discussions I had with experts, it became clear that there was a real awareness problem. At that time, the technologies were still largely unknown and hardly anyone had the opening potential on their radar. That was the reason for me to publish a practical handbook for AR in 2015 together with my co-author Dirk Schart. A second and expanded edition came out in 2017: “Augmented and Mixed Reality for Marketing, Media and Public Relations“.

My next professional station combined my accumulated experience as a journalist and in the online business. I became Head of Digital Content at Ringier Axel Springer Switzerland and was responsible for building up and managing the online editorial team of the Beobachter.

My passion for immersive technologies never faded though. Through the two book projects, I received more and more consulting requests from companies for XR projects, for lectures and articles in journals on the topics of augmented and virtual reality. It became more and more difficult to reconcile both and at some point I had to make a decision.

The circle closes

By chance, I came across a job offer at the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons. Lecturing, researching, learning more and more myself and deepening my knowledge – my absolute dream job! My profile didn’t exactly match what they were looking for, but I applied anyway. So in the sense of: I can’t do everything you’re looking for (yet) – but I can offer something you don’t know you need yet.
And lo and behold – that’s how it turned out.

So I became a lecturer (and later professor) at the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons for Digital Business Management and Extended Reality and besides teaching was allowed to do interesting research projects. One example is «In 5 days around the world» – the first Virtual Reality English course in Switzerland, which we designed and implemented together with Migros Club Schools (co-financed by Innosuisse). Furthermore, I have set up various XR modules in different Bachelor’s degree programs and a CAS Augmented and Virtual Reality.

After three years, I realized that I was missing the exchange in a bigger team of like-minded people and  that I would like to delve deeper into the technical part of XR. And that’s how I ended up at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts – in the Immersive Realities Team of the department of computer science. Here, I also work as a lecturer and am in the process of developing and setting up innovative continuing education programs. At the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons I am still working as a visiting lecturer in Extended Reality.

Getting in touch

Maybe you are also interested in immersive technologies, have ideas for research projects, student internships and bachelor theses, need support for ongoing projects, are interested in further education opportunities in the XR field etc.? Then just get in touch with me. I look forward to hear from you!