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Augmented and Mixed Reality for Marketing, Media and Public Relations

Augmented and Mixed Reality merge real and digital worlds into an interactive and immersive experience. Whether information or entertainment – the new technologies are changing the way we interact with content. For companies and agencies, fascinating application possibilities arise on smartphones, tablets or with AR and MR glasses. Learn how it works and how AR and MR can be used. Numerous best practice examples and live demos are available directly from the book. Ten milestones of app development help with the practical implementation of AR and MR projects.
The book is aimed at agencies and students as well as decision-makers in marketing, media and communications who would like to learn more about augmented and mixed reality and their successful use.


Praxishandbuch Augmented Reality

The potential of AR is still far from being exploited in marketing, media and communications. The reason: In the past, people mainly talked about the technical aspects, but not about the many possible applications. Learn about these with this book and be surprised by the benefits AR can bring to you and your company.